Tandoori Grill Restaurant


  • I literally don't know what I would do without this restaurant. I wearily moved from NYC where there was every ethnic delivery option under the sun to Long Beach, where .. well.. pizza and Chinese basically reign supreme. Tandoor Grill satisfies my Indian food craving PERFECTLY. Food is fantastic and delivery is always quick. Have taken multiple visiting NYC friends to their restaurant (BYOB - heck yes!) and have had such lovely experiences. I can't speak high enough of how much I love this place. BRB need to go order my beloved Paneer Tikka Masala and Paneer Naan! (Yes I love paneer.. go taste for yourself).. mouth is watering just typing this!

    Erica G.
    Baldwin, NY

  • This place is excellent. Priced right for the quality of the food. Seems like it gets better each time I order it. I got the chicken vindaloo (nice and Spivey) a garlic naan and vegetable samosa. Delicious, quality ingredients.
    Grub Hub got here super quick too which was definitely a bonus.

    Max B.
    Long Beach, NY

  • I went here with a friend after hearing several neighbors raving about it. They were right. The food is OUTSTANDING!! I was with a friend who is a vegetarian and we ordered several dishes to share, plenty to choose from, and everything was excellent. Next time I will try some chicken and lamb dishes.... can't wait to go back!

    Wendy G.
    Long Beach, NY

  • This is one of the best indian restaurants I've been to since my visit to India and what a surprise to find it outside of NYC. I almost don't want to write this because I'd like it to remain a "hidden gem."
    I'm a foodie by nature, so having access to NYC tour de force chefs means I've tasted A LOT of great food. However, I've yet to find an amazing Indian place that I would highly recommend, like Tandoor. Tandoor's food is consistent, flavorful and cooked wiht love. Their garlic fish is to die for, the samosas amazingly tender vs. dried out like most indian restaurants and the tikka masala? Rich and creamy. My two favorites are NAVRATTAN VEGETABLE KORMA as the sweet and savory mix is the perfect combination. You also can't go wrong with their mutter paneer. And don't get me started on the desserts! Try the GULAB JAMUN. It's hard to come by and I was surprised to find it on their menu. It's delicious. The most important part, I always feel welcomed whenever I dine here. We usually go with a group of 5 or more and the service is always impeccable, thanks to RJ the manager. In an especially hard to please area like Long Island, RJ and staff do an excellent job. They are professional, accomodating and kind. Highly, highly recommended.

    Melonie M.
    Brooklyn, NY

  • Excellent service . Very fresh ingridients. I loved the shrimp with tomatoe sos onion and green pepper as apitizer. Some of the mixed grill were over cooked . The atmosphere was austhentic.

    Magdy S.
    Baldwin, NY

  • Love this place . Food is consistently delicious . Tandoori wings are a delicacy . Garlic naan, vegetable pakora, all the Kormas and vindaloos. Very flavorful and delicious food. BYOB . Manager RJ very professional and friendly . Highly recommended !

    Zhanna M.
    Marlboro Township, NJ

  • Always great! always love the chicken Tilka and the chicken sagg. Reasonably priced and amazing service.

    Ross Y.
    Atlantic Beach, NY

  • Got advice from a local to check this place out for an authentic Indian meal. We were not disappointed and the food, in short, amazing!!! Definitely order the seek kebab, lamb vindaloo, chicken tikka masala and round it off with a garlic naan.... I now go there once a week.
    Staff are extremely friendly and will answer any questions that you have.. truly a gem!

    S M D.
    Manhattan, New York, NY

  • First time here. Was looking for Indian food and this on yelp. We ordered out as we have two kids and just came back from the beach and they were tired. We place order for takeout and it was delicious. Paneer korma was tasty. And chicken tikka Masala was delicious! I would definitely come back here.

    Viola R.
    Flushing, NY

  • Favorite and best Indian place in the area! Food is always amazing, and fresh. The naan bread is to die for! Love this place!

    Gabby M.
    Long Beach, NY

  • Bring your own beer/wine is always awesome. Servers can help explain the menu if you're new to this food and it's all delicious. I order delivery from here as well and it's just as great quality as sitting in the restaurant. I haven't met anyone who hasn't gone back for more. Great for date-night.

    Kevin K.
    Melville, NY

  • This restaurant is tops if you're looking for authentic Indian cuisine. We've ordered in from there many times. Consistently good..!

    Joseph W.
    Long Beach, NY

  • So glad I finally had a chance to stop in here. Absolute must visit and a welcome departure from all the new American cuisine in the area.

    Excellent, authentic food, attentive service and a warm ambiance.

    For sure treat yourself to some naan (we went garlic): fresh, crispy outside and a nice chewiness to the dough on the inside. If only I had a tandoori oven at home :P...

    Went with chicken tikka masala (sic?) and one of the lamb kebobs. Had a good chuckle with the waiter when I went with the spiciest sauce (is not my first rodeo). Had a really nice flavor and a decent amount of kick. But for novices, take the house's advice and start with medium sauce and layer in the heat if you are feeling adventurous.

    Kevin V.
    Long Beach, NY

  • Top notch Indian food. Loved the mulligatawny soup. Vegetable samosas were perfect. The Butter Chicken was flavorful. And the Onion Kulcha was fresh and melted in your mouth. My friend enjoyed her vegetarian dish as well. Love this place.

    Michael M.
    Peabody, MA

  • Been meaning to try this place for sometime. Sorry we waited-sooo good! From the curry to the tikka masala to the onion and garlic naans it was all delicious. Can't wait to come back and sample the rest of the menu.

    Ilene H.
    Queens, Queens, NY

  • This place is amazing!!!
    We had dinner there last night, had the aloo tikka chaat for appetizer and chicken korma and chicken vindaloo as entrees.. some of the best indian food we have had!!

    Staff works hard but still are friendly, courteous and clearly care if you are enjoying the food!!! We'll be back!!

    Guy J.