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The name 'Tandoor Grill' is associated with the Tandoor oven, which is traditionally made of clay and is a bell-shaped oven. It can either be set into the earth fired with wood or charcoal reaching temperatures of about 480 degrees or rest above the ground. Tandoor cooking is a traditional aspect of Punjabi cuisine in undivided Punjab.

In India, tandoori cooking was traditionally associated with Punjab as the Punjabis embraced the tandoor on a regional level and became popular in the mainstream after the 1947 partition when Punjabis resettled in places such as Delhi. In rural Punjab, it was common to have communal tandoors. Some villages still have a communal tandoor which is a common sight prior to 1947.

"Tandoor Grill" inherits this rich tradition of preparing these exquisite delicacies of curries and kebabs from its experience in operating other such locations in the Baldwin as well as in New Jersey.

The main secret, for the succulent taste of the kebabs comes from special marination overnight and roasting in a unique clay oven called the "Tandoor".

In this the Kebabs are broiled tenderly; the same oven is used to bake Naans (leavened bread) and Roti (hand ground whole wheat bread) which compliment the variety of main dishes.

Going with the new trend of vegetarian clubs opening all across the nation,"Tandoor Grill" offers an extensive variety of vegetarian curries. Moreover, our meat curries have satisfied the taste buds of many of our patrons and we bring this traditional taste to Long Beach.

Last but not least, the meal ends with the sweet taste of the very famous desserts from West Bengal which have been acclaimed throughout India. Today they have found their fame all over the Western world, leaving the patrons with a sweet taste until they come back for more.

We hope you take pleasure in your visit to "Tandoor Grill" and bring your family and friends to be a part of this wonderful and delicious tradition.

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